About me

Knowledge and learning new things has been always appealing to me. Maybe that's way I was so lucky to become a scientist. I'm a passionate scientist and I understand it as a way to expand my knowledge. For this reason, reading is another passion: fiction, travel novels, non-fiction, science fiction, biography, history. If time permits it, I also try to improve my guitar and ukulele skills.

And I really like coding! It turns out I'm really good at turning everything whatsoever into a computer model! Looking behind the scene of what a computer does and how to work with the latest gimmicks and gadgets is what drives me when switching on the computer or tablet. I like the diversity among programming languages, their different paradigms scopes and how they are implemented.

Information is one of the greatest goods I'm happy about to have access to it. Of course I'm also fortunate and blessed to have access to food, clean water, and health care, unlike many people of our planet. I feel like—because I and people around me are so lucky in their state of well-being—having to do my part to make a better world. I hope to do so, at least from time to time.

This web site is my personal outreach to the internet and it feels kind of funny that my web site is part of it. this is the place where I would like to share information be it personal or of general interest. Feel free to contact me!

Curriculum Vitae

  • Senior Research Fellow - Data Science

    Since February 2020 at GNS Science and the Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand as member of the Antarctic Science Platform National Modelling Hub. Advisors: Prof. Nick Golledge and Dr. Liz Keller
  • Research Associate

    June 2016 - January 2020 at the Department of Zoology, University of Cambridge. Advisor: Prof. Andrea Manica
  • Climate Scientist & Scientific Programmer

    February 2015 - March 2016 at Climate Analytics in Berlin
  • Visiting Scientist

    February - April 2014 at the International Pacific Research Center (SOEST, University of Hawaii). Advisor: Prof. Dr. Axel Timmermann; Co-worker: Dr. Malte Heinemann
  • Post-Doc

    May 2012 - November 2014 at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research. Advisor: Dr. Andrey Ganopolski; Co-Worker: Dr. Alexander Robinson
  • Post-Doc

    February - April 2012 at the Max Planck Institute for Meteorology in Hamburg
  • Ph.D. student

    October 2008 to January 2012 at the Max Planck Institute for Meteorology in Hamburg. Advisor: Dr. Johann Jungclaus. Title: Middle Miocene Climate Evolution: The Role of Large-Scale Ocean Circulation and Ocean Gateways
  • University

    Technische Universität Berlin, AG Nonlinear Dynamics and Pattern Formation (Prof. Dr. Harald Engel), Dipl.-Phys. degree in July 2008. Diploma Thesis: Electrical Excitation Wave Modelling in Heart Tissue (orig:Modellierung elektrischer Erregungswellen im Herzmuskelgewebe)

Contributions and Publications

Papers in review and pre-prints