I haven’t been to the EGU since 2013 so I thought it is worth going there this year. Therefore, I submitted an abstract about Historical Responsibility for Climate Change – from countries emissions to contribution to temperature increase and was accepted for a talk. To my surprise and astonishment I was also invited for a press conference, which I happily accepted. All good! All good? Far from it. Unfortunate circumstances (funding, as always) left me unemployed after my fixed-term contract officially ended in March and couldn’t be extended for this year. A stupid, sad, and unfair situation I wish nobody has to experience in any job (or job ending). The good news is, that after some discussions, me and my former employer agreed that it may be best if I still attend to the EGU General Assembly because I earned it, because our hard work on this topic deserves it, and also, because I was having the chance to be on a panel for a press conference (how great is that???). The guy to the left in the video below, that’s me talking about climate science, climate policy, and responsibility.

I’m very grateful to the EGU for inviting me to a press conference, I very much enjoyed the contribution form the other great panelists presenting their work related to climate change and the Paris Agreement (~45min in total). And, of course, I’m also grateful for Climate Analytics, my former employer 1, for letting me be part of the EGU General Assembly 2016. I’ve had a lot of fun, I’ve met quite many old friends and colleagues and I enjoyed spring time in Vienna.

1. Thank you guys for many wonderful experiences and the great time I had with you.